Short Unguarded Right Angle Attachment with Apple Core Burr

SKU: PF0407

USD $1,467


The Short Un-Guarded Right Angle attachment is a shortened version of the Un-Guarded right-angle which allows the use of an apple core burr. This attachment is used for contouring the upper and lower front teeth (bit seat).

Accessories included:

  • Small Apple Core burr


The Short Un-Guarded Rotary Shaft, with the small apple core burr, is introduced into the mouth end on, while the free hand abducts the corner of the mouth to tighten the mandibular frenulum, allowing gentle contouring and smoothing of the sharp edges of the lower front cheek teeth. The upper front cheek teeth are contoured in a similar manner.

When working with minis/donkeys use the included small apple core burr.

Product Info:

An option for:

  • Complete Kits #4

Compatible with PowerFloat rotary burrs:

  • Small diamond apple core burr
  • Large diamond apple core burr


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