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Dr. Dennis Rach

Dr. Dennis Rach, was a partner in the 16 veterinarian practice of Moore Equine Veterinary Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has been in large animal practice with the firm continuously since 1970.

As a practitioner, Dr. Rach designed several rotary equine instruments during the 1980s in an attempt to deliver a higher level of dental care to the equine patient. Other equine practitioners were also in need of the same type of equipment so Dr. Rach engaged the services of local machinists to make rotary instruments for other veterinarians.

During the mid 1990s Dr. Rach designed a motorized right angle-shaped floating device. This device worked better than he had expected. The unit stood the durability testing and functioned very well over the next few years so he pursued development and refinement of this new design. A patent was obtained for the new dental instrument and the production and sales of the PowerFloat began with its introduction to veterinarians at the AAEP meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2000.

Over the next 2 years the initial core of veterinarians who purchased the PowerFloat recommended it to other fellow practitioners and the use of the instrument spread throughout the USA and Canada. As well as North America, the PowerFloat began to be sold and serviced through distributors in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


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