PowerCool Sectioning Pump with or without Perio Wand

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The PowerCool Sectioning Pump is an economical water system for occasional advanced dentistry.  The system comes with one spray nozzle that delivers a fine water spray which eliminates heat production from grinding surface and reduces inhalation of tooth dust. NEW – Optional quick disconnect stainless steel perio spray wand can be purchased as well. The perio spray wand can be used to blow food material out from the majority of equine periodontal pockets.

Accessories included:

  • 2 Clips to attach spray nozzle to PowerFloat attachment
  • 3.8 L refillable hand pressurized pump
  • Flexible 10 foot coiled hose with on/off valve
  • Optional quick disconnect stainless steel spray wand with 0.7 mm diameter orifice


Cost effective water cooling system for veterinary clinics that occasionally complete advanced dentistry procedures such as coronectomy, alveolectomy, tooth sectioning, interproximal grooving and occlusal relief.

Sectioning pump delivers a water spray mist to cool carbide burrs during usage to ensure no breakage occurs.

When properly pressurized the pump will operate for 15+ minutes with the spray nozzle attachment before requiring additional pressurization.





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