Diastema Burr – Tapered

SKU: PF0508

USD $38


The Tapered Burr is a small tapered carbide burr used to begin burring in small areas.


The taper point and aggressive cutting pattern allows the veterinarian to begin a widening path for diastema treatment. This tapered burr (sterilized) can also be used for pulp capping of injured incisor teeth.

Product Info:

  • Material composition: Solid carbide on a steel shaft
  • Shaft + burr length 0.86 inches (23 mm)
  • Burr length 0.7 inches (17.5 mm)
  • Compatible with PowerFloat Attachments: Guarded Right Angle, Un-Guarded Right Angle, Short
  • Guarded Right Angle, Short Un-Guarded Right Angle


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