Diastema Burr – SlimLine

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The Slimline Burr is a has a solid carbide cutting pattern for efficient widening of a diastema. This burr is smaller in width than the 6.33 cylindrical burr and so can be used in horses with a chronically occurring diastema that may have pulp horns close to the interproximal space.


  • Radial cutting pattern for efficient cutting of interproximal space in diastemas that do not respond to conservative treatment and correction of malocclusion’s.

Product Info:

  • Material composition: carbide
  • Stainless steel threaded base
  • 4.54 mm. diameter
  • Total burr length 1.12 inches (28.5 mm.)
  • Cutting height 0.8 inches (21 mm.)
  • Compatible with PowerFloat Attachments: Guarded Right Angle, Un-Guarded Right Angle, Short Guarded Right Angle, Short Un-Guarded Right Angle


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