Dental Halter

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The Dental Halter features an adjustable nose band and includes a rope and cleat system.
Halter is available in 3 sizes; Horse, Small Horse and Pony.


Heavy duty webbing and hardware make this halter very durable which can be washed and sanitized. The rope and cleat system attached to the nose band allows the veterinarian to easily adjust the horse’s head to a comfortable position unassisted so that the dental procedure can be visualized. The adjustable rope-cleat system enhances safety since horse’s head can be quickly released if an emergency event occurs.

The nose band can be adjusted so that it is positioned close to the bridge of the horse’s nose. This is a very important feature because when working out of low stall door fronts the adjustable rope and cleat system is required to be as close to the bridge of the nose as possible so that there is enough vertical height remaining to raise the horse’s head enough to visualize the dental procedure.

The chin support is made from high molecular weight composite which is covered with re-enforced tubing so that the horses head can be supported in a comfortable position.

Convenience. This dental halter system can be used safely without the need of an assistant being present. A halter supported from above eliminates the risk seen with floor head stands which can become an object “in the way” if a forward explosive event occurs.

The Horse size halter is designed to fit all sizes of horses including large draft breeds.

The Small horse halter is suitable for smaller horse breeds like Arabians and Quarter Horses.

The Pony halter is suitable for ponies, minis and donkeys.

Product Info:

  • Halters designed for all size horse breeds.
  • Composite material cleat supports 2000 Kg. load
  • Nylon woven yacht rope


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