Coming Soon! ClearView Hybrid Wifi/USB Dental Endoscope

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NEW ClearView-DS Wifi/USB Hybrid Equine Dental Endoscope.

The CLEARVIEW-DS© wireless veterinary dental endoscope is a high-performance digital endoscope with an 8 Mp Sony CMOS ¼” sensor technology. Compared to most other models on the market this endoscope has greater than 5 times more light capture ability which results in high image detail and clarity.

Dual function endoscope that acts as a Wi-Fi access point, or as a USB connected scope. No need for an internet connection. No modem or external power required. Features an 8 MP Sony camera, 360° LED lighting and a desirable focal point of 30-40mm to allow excellent visualization and documentation of the oral cavity and dental arcades during routine examination, floating, extractions or other procedures. Lightweight and durable.

Made in Belgium.


  • 8 Mp Sony CMOS 1/4″ sensor camera
  • 93° field of view
  • Fix focus 3-4 cm
  • 15 mm diameter stainless steel lens head
  • Picture and Video recording from scope
  • 360° LED lights, 360 degree & Flip Image functionality
  • 5.000 mAh power bank lasts for approximately 2 hours of continuous use
  • Power bank charges in 1 hour
  • Aluminum carry case

Connect to the broadcasted “clearview” Wi-Fi signal with any mobile device and receive the streaming service of the ClearView-DS scope.

Wifi mode can be used with a computer, laptop, Macbook, smartphone, iPad or Android tablet. USB mode can be used with a computer, laptop, Macbook or Android tablet. For USB mode iPad’s with OS 17 can be used with the endoscope in USB mode through the camera in Facetime.

DEBUT picture capture software license included.

Serviceable in North America.


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