Some full mouth speculums are made of stainless steel which does not have any ferrous component. If no iron is present in the incisor plates the magnet will not attach to the incisor plate. In this case one of the galvanized strips of metal supplied with the PowerLite can be trimmed to fit and applied to the undersurface of the upper incisor plate of the speculum.

  1. First clean the metal surface of the speculum thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  2. Next mark and fit the metal strip to the underside of the upper incisor plate.
  3. Remove the adhesive strip covering of the plate and press that side of the plate onto the incisor plate. Use clamps to keep the plate tightly adhered to the incisor plate in a warm environment for at least 2 hours. Under usual conditions the plate will stay tightly adhered for up to a year before replacement is necessary.
    Additional plates can be obtained from PowerFloat Inc.