Each PowerFloat Cordless kit includes two (2) DC batteries and one (1) battery charger* (examples pictured in Fig. 1).

  1. Plug the battery charger into an appropriate electrical outlet, including wall outlets or car chargers (sold separately).
  2. Insert the battery into the charger until the battery snaps into the charger. The bars at the back of the battery, when depressed, will light up showing a full charge at 3 bars. The time needed to charge one battery is approximately one hour.
  3. Once the battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger and insert it into the PowerFloat for continued operation.

Charging should take place only in ambient temperatures of between 0° Celsius (32° F) and 38° Celsius (100° F). Charging in ambient temperature below freezing or above 38° Celsius can result in permanent damage to the battery or decrease the life of the battery. It is important not to run the battery down to zero power before recharging. Dewalt batteries can be recharged at any time during use without having any effect on the charging memory of the battery. Keep batteries away from any flame. If exposed to high temperatures batteries can explode and cause injury.

*Car battery chargers can be purchased from DeWalt outlets. Rapid (15 minute) chargers can also be purchased. In order to do large numbers of horses it is usually necessary to carry 3 batteries and 2 chargers. This amount of reserve will ensure that there is enough battery power to work all day without delays due to charging.