TL Cordless QC – 20V Drill c/w two batteries and charger

SKU: PF0200

USD $1,050


The TL Cordless Quick Connect Drill is one of our three cordless models compatible with all our attachments. Variable speed (0-4000 rpm), 20 volt lithium ion motor with nano technology. The TL cordless model drill comes with hands free (“locking rpm’s”) capabilities.  The TL model drill comes with two batteries and a charger.


The cutting-edge Quick Connect (Cordless) system allows veterinarians unprecedented flexibility in floating. Now veterinarians can rapidly switch between several specially-designed floating attachments in seconds.

Product Info:

Optional PowerFloat Shaft Attachments (sold separately)

  • Guarded Right-Angle Attachment
  • Un-Guarded Right-Angle Attachment
  • Long Rotary Attachment with upper and lower 11 burrs
  • Long Rotary Attachment with pony burr
  • Short Guarded Right-Angle Attachment
  • Short Un-Guarded Right-Angle Attachment


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