The electric plugin model of the PowerFloat should not be used in a wet environment. The electric plugin model should always be plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter which in turn is plugged into an electric outlet to protect the patient and operator from electric shock. Do not plug the PowerFloat directly into an electric outlet unless that outlet has ground fault circuit interrupter protection. Keep the working area clean, free from obstacles, and dry. Do not allow small children to come into the working area. The PowerFloat should not be used if the footing is wet or muddy. The veterinarian should wear examination gloves. The PowerFloat should be kept clean and dry. In order to keep the float dry the veterinarian should always have a dry towel on hand to wipe any moisture from the electric drill housing and trigger switch. Periodically the horse’s mouth will have to be flushed with water. After flushing out the mouth, allow all the water to run out of the mouth before beginning the floating procedure. Use a towel to keep hands dry after the initial examination of the mouth. Always suspend the electrical cord from an elevated position to keep it from laying on the ground. Periodically blow out all PowerFloat drill air vents with compressed air to keep the motor from accumulating dust and grime. After unplugging the PowerFloat from the electrical supply clean the plastic parts only with a damp cloth. Do not clean with solvents. In humid environments wrap the PowerFloat drill portion in a dry towel for storage and if storing in the case ensure the lid is left open to allow air circulation.