In order to keep all PowerFloat models in good working condition, owners are advised to perform regular maintenance operations at specified intervals of operation. By performing regular maintenance operations, PowerFloat models can be kept clean, free of obstructing debris, and reduce the likelihood of repair work becoming necessary.

The following chart illustrates which maintenance to perform and at what intervals in the PowerFloat’s operating life-cycle.

Maintenance Required

Wipe down PowerFloat Motor

Cleaning the Grinding Head

Blow out all air passages with compressed air

Lubricate the Grinding Head

Brush inspection and lubrication

Oiling the Collar Joint (Plug-In only)

Replace the in-line clutch (Cordless only)


After each dental procedure

After each dental procedure

Monthly, store bought canned air can be used

After 6 dental procedures or before putting the instrument away even if only one dental procedure was done. Always leave grease in the grinding gear head before storing the PowerFloat each day.  When storing the PowerFloat, we recommend storing it in a warm facility and keep lid open to air dry equipment. 

Twice a month

Annually with heavy use

If you are experiencing issues with your PowerFloat contact us at 1-877-969-2233 to discuss repair or maintenance options.