The PowerLite has a battery pack which can be damaged if it is attached to an area on the speculum that can elicit a sharp blow to the battery pack. This can occur if a horse begins to shake his head violently when the speculum is opened. For this reason it is important to attach the PowerLite to an area that is not going to produce a hard blow to the battery case. Desirable places to attach the carabiner are as follows:

  1. Loosen one of the loops of the rope of the cleat on the PowerFloat dental halter. Attach a large key ring or snap ring to the rope at the front of the cleat. Attach the PowerLite carabiner to the ring on the cleat. This position is very good because it is easily accessible, it is out of the way of the work area, and it does not move if a horse begins to violently shake its head when the speculum is opened.
  2. Attach the carabiner of the PowerLite to the buckle of the nose band of the speculum. This position is safer than on the side straps that are connected to the metal of the speculum. The nose band is not near enough to any metal on the speculum that could cause impact to the battery pack.
  3. Attach the carabiner of the PowerLite to the upper part of the head stall straps so that the battery pack is well above the level of the metal on the side of the speculum. Do not attach the carabiner and battery pack to the side straps that are in close proximity to the steel on the side of the speculum. Head shaking can cause the battery pack to hit the steel hard enough to crack the batteries or battery pack.
  4. The LED and its magnetic case should be placed on the under side of the upper incisor plate of the speculum for optimal lighting of the mouth. The light case can be moved from side to side or just slightly swiveled from a central position to shine first on one side of the mouth then the other. It can be removed and attached to the battery pack area if room is needed to reach into the mouth between visual exams. A large washer attached to the carabiner is a good source of metal to attach the light to when doing hand examinations of the mouth