Manuals and Documentation

In cases where an owner of a PowerFloat has lost the hard copies of the manuals included in their kit, they are able to download the most up to date version from the website here. These files would include PowerFloat Operating Manual, Maintenance Manual and PowerLite Operator's Manual.


PowerFloat - All Models

File Name
File Description
Operator's Manual Downloadable copy of the Operator's Manual for all PowerFloat models. This manual details important safety information, maintenance information, procedures for operation, and warranty information. A copy of this manual should always be kept near the PowerFloat. (April 2008) 5.42 MB
Floating Manual Downloadable copy of the Floating Manual for all PowerFloat models. This maual details floating techniques developed by Dennis Rach, DVM and BA Rucker, DVM. All operators of a PowerFloat should be familiar with these Visual and Non-Visual Floating Techniques in order to utilize the PowerFloat in the most effecient manner. (April 2008) 6.65 MB