Plug-In - Chamfer and Rotary Kit # 3

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The Plug-In Chamfer & Rotary Kit #3.

Attachments included with this kit are:

  • Guarded Right-Angle Attachment with diamond grinding wheel.
  • Un-Guarded Right-Angle Attachment with Chamfer Burr.
  • Long Rotary Attachment with burrs and guards.

Features in Kit:

The Guarded Right Angle shaft with diamond disc can be rotated into the up or down position for floating of the upper and lower dental arcades.

The Un-Guarded Right Angle shaft with Chamfer burr is used for precise angled floating of the sharp enamel points on the upper and lower dental arcades.  The narrow configuration of the Chamfer burr allows easy removal of  sharp enamel points and dominate cingula from the caudal upper cheek teeth.

The Long Rotary shaft with Upper 11 hook burr, Lower 11 hook burr, Round Nosed Cylindrical burr (3/8"), Flared End Burr guard and Long Rotary Shaft Guard.The narrow cylindrical round nosed carbide burr allows easy access to the rear molars to float miniatures and donkeys. The cylindrical burr can also be placed in the short rotary shaft to be used to correct incisor teeth malocclusions. The Upper and Lower 11 burrs allow easy access to the sharp caudal edge of the last upper and lower molar teeth.

The Plug-In Quick Connect Drill has a 120V AC Dewalt™ variable speed motor. Our Quick Connect drills are adapted so that different shafts can be attached according to need.

Product Info: 

 Plug-In Chamfer & Rotary Kit #3 includes:

  • The Standard Accessories package:
    • Pelican™ Carry Case (Lifetime warranty)
    • PowerFloat Wheel Removal tool
    • LED Headlight
    • Grease Gun (lubricant applicator)
    • Grease Tube: 15oz tube (Premium Food Machinery Grade)
    • Two Nylon Mouth Gags (large and small size included)
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Hand Towel
    • Operators Manual
Six (6) Month Limited Warranty on defective parts.