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The Long Rotary attachment can operate several different burrs in the up or down position. Two removable guards allow for guarded and unguarded operation of grinding burrs.

Compatible burrs include:

  • Small diamond apple core
  • Round-nose cylindrical burr
  • Upper and Lower 11 Burrs

When used with the Round Nosed Cylindrical burr, it allows easy access to the back of the mouth for minis/donkeys.


PowerFloat Quick Connect Attachment. This Quick Connect accessory shaft is designed to operate exclusively with the PowerFloat Quick Connect (Cordless) system. This attachment is not designed to work with the standard Electric and Cordless models.

Long Rotary Shaft. This attachment is included with PowerFloat Quick Connect kits #2: +Rotary, and Quick Connect Kit #4: Complete; and may also be purchased separately. The Long Rotary shaft extends the ability of PowerFloat Quick Connect by allowing veterinarians to incorporate a variety of specially-designed burrs. This shaft is designed to accommodate all available PowerFloat rotary burrs.

Product Info: 

    • Included in:
      • Quick Connect Chamfer & Rotary Kit #3
      • Quick Connect Complete #4


    • Compatible with Quick Connect rotary burrs:
      • Large diamond apple core burr
      • Small diamond apple core burr
      • Round nose carbide burr (3/8")
      • Upper and Lower 11 Burrs


  • Variable speed rotating shaft: 0 to 4000 rpm
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