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Grease port changing kit contains 2 grease ports which fit into the right angle area of the PowerFloat. It is important to clean the opening of the grease port before grease is pumped into the port. The silver colored ball in the bottom of the grease port acts as a check valve The ball has a spring underneath. The injection of accumulated wet tooth material into the grease port can cause the spring to seize and prevent grease from entering the right angle gear system.

A non-functioning grease port can be removed with the enclosed screw remover (easy-out)


Screw remover is inserted into the nonfunctional grease port on the PowerFloat. Secure the PowerFloat shaft into a table shop vice to keep it from moving during this procedure.Tap the screw remover into the grease port with a hammer until it is seated. Do not tap screw remover in deep enough to cause the spring and ball of the grease port to fall into the right angle of the PowerFloat. If this occurs contact PowerFloat and arrange to have the equipment shipped to the repair depot so that the material can be safely removed from the internal mechanism. Once the screw remover is properly seated in the grease port, grasp the top of the screw remover with a pair of vice grips, rotate counterclockwise and pull gently vertically (only) to remove the grease port. After removal inspect the opening to make certain that no debris remains. If the opening is clear then press the new grease port into the hole with vice grips so that the port is forced into the hole in a straight upright position.

Screw remover must be rotated counterclockwise to grasp onto and become seated into the wall of the grease port before removal can occur.

Product Info:

  • 2 PowerFloat grease ports
  • Screw remover (easy out)
  • Other Requirements are 1. small hammer 2. small pair vicegrips 3. Table vice to secure PowerFloat shaft to eliminate motion while removing the grease port.
  • Assistance of an experienced machinist may be required by persons not familiar with the use of a screw remover.
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