Delta Equine Seminar

Delta Equine Seminar

2017 Nov 13th

The Equine Chapter of the Society of British Columbia veterinarians just held their very successful 46th annual equine seminar. The speakers, ( Dr. Stephanie Valberg and Dr. Carrie Finno) gave absolutely excellent presentations on equine muscle disorders and neurological disorders. The entire presentations were filled with practical approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. This annual 2 day seminar is one of the best in North America for equine practitioners because it is geared for the needs of general equine practitioners. The presentations were filled with information that can be immediately applied to every day practice.

Next year at this time part of the meeting will cover equine dentistry and Jack Easley will be the speaker for the equine dental portion. I will be very much looking forward to attending the meeting next year because Dr. Easley is one of the most knowledgeable veterinarians in North America on the subject of equine dentistry. It is very important to me that veterinarians receive top quality information so they can provide the best possible care to their equine patients and to the clients who own horses.

PowerFloat was pleased to donate a PowerFloat speculum to a raffle held at the seafood smorgasbord on Mon. evening. Dr. Sarah Squinas from Langley BC was the winner of the draw. Sarah told me her current speculum has a bit of a “tired iron” look and she is looking forward to using the new speculum. Congratulations Dr. Aquinas.

Dennis Rach DVM