3 prong molar extractor - Lower left
Price: $450 USD
19 inch (48.25 cm.) long lower left molar arcade 3 prong extractor. Knurled removable handles.

3 prong extraction forceps have the advantage of grasping the cheek teeth at 3 points. This avoids slippage on the tooth during the extraction process. Long curved jaws grasp deep onto the tooth.



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3 prong lower left molar extraction forceps. Stainless steel with removeable knurled handles. This type of forceps is able to grasp the tooth at 3 points which avoids slippage during the time spent loosening the periodontal ligament.

1.8 inches (48 mm.) tall jaw: Tall prongs are able to grasp the tooth deeper towards the apex than forceps with concave or serrated jaws. Very good grasp without slippage during loosening process and extraction of tooth.

product info

  • 19 inch (48.25 cm.) long extraction forceps: GN5017
  • stainless steel with knurled removable handles
  • 3 prong jaws for better fit on tooth without slippage
  • For left lower cheek teeth extractions