3 prong molar extractor - upper Right
Price: $450 USD
19 inch (48.25 cm.) 3 prong geriatric molar extractor for the upper right dental arcade. Replaceable knurled handles. Jaw height is 1.85 inches (47 cm.) This type of extraction forceps is excellent for extended period extractions.

The advantage of this type of extraction forceps is that they gain purchase on the tooth in 3 points which eliminates slippage during the loosening phase of the periodontal ligament. Excellent grasp on the tooth during extraction.


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3 prong extraction forceps which eliminates slippage when fitted onto the tooth: Each tooth has a different shape. The 3 prong design fits more teeth without slipping on the tooh surface than do concave, flat or serrated jaw designed extraction forceps.

Upper right dental arcade forceps. After the gingiva are elevated these forceps have the ability to grasp deeply into the crown of the tooth.

product info

  • Upper right 3 prong extraction forceps GN5016
  • Material composition: stainless steel
  • Knurled removable handles
  • Length 19 inches (48.25 cm.)
  • Jaw height 1.85 inches (47 cm.)