Dental Probe - (Stainless Steel)                              PF1001
Price: $45 USD
18 inch (45 mm.) handle with 1 1/2 inch (3.8 mm.) high hook style end, stainless steel dental probe with marker increments every 5 mm. Knurled handle for better gripping.

This probe is designed for examination of periodontal attachments to the cheek teeth of equines.


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18 inch (45 mm.) stainless probe for periodontal attachment mesurements. This durable probe is 2 mm. in diameter and is rugged enough for use in the equine. The handle is knurled for ease of manipulation in the mouth of the horse.

5 mm machined increments on the probe. These increments assist in the measurement of periodontal pocket depth. The hook design assists in the placement of the probe into pockets in the caudal part of the mouth.

product info: PF1001

  • 18 inches long (45 mm.)
  • stainless steel
  • Light weight
  • hook end design
  • 5 mm increments of measurement
  • Knurled handle