digital equus - seminar for veterinarians vol.2: floating theory DVD                                    pF1108
Price: $95 USD
Volume 2 in the "Seminar for Veterinarians DVD Series" builds upon the knowledge and concepts of Volume 1 by presenting an all-encompassing and intuitive floating manual for regular maintenance and advanced floating procedures.

From “Sharp Enamel Points” to “Shear Mouth” to “Ventral Curvatures”, each procedure is presented in a comprehensive step-by-step process that includes measurement, floating limits, and each stage of tooth removal.


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product info: PF1108

Technical Details:

  • Running Time: 111 minutes
  • Date of Release: Jan/2008
  • Format: DVD Video
  • Video System: NTSC
  • Audio: Dolby® Digital 2.0
  • Narration: English
  • Subtitles: No subtitles
  • DVD Region: No Regions
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3

DVD Chapter List:

  1. Patient Preparation
  2. Dental Examinations
  3. Sedation Protocols
  4. Floating Limits
  5. Regular Maintenance Procedures
  6. Incisor Malocclusion Procedures
  7. Molar Malocclusion Procedures
  8. Incisor / Molar Cap Removal
Product Warranty:

Defective DVDs may only be exchanged for the same product when this product is purchased from PowerFloat Inc. No returns are allowed on open DVD products.

Seminar Vol.2 - Clip 01.wmv
"Contouring the Sixes"
Clips require Windows Media® Player.
Clips require Windows Media® Player.