Grease gun (for maintenance of PowerFloat models)
Price: $25 USD
6 1/2 inch (16.5 cm) long taper point grease gun. The tapered end fits into the 2 grease ports which are located on the right angle area of the PowerFloat. The grease is injected into the grease ports with force by a plunger effect. The small shaft on the tapered end is spring loaded.

Push down on the housing of the grease gun to inject a dose of grease into the Powerfloat.


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Grease gun is filled with Mobil FM221 food grade grease. In order to fill with grease first remove the top red plastic cap. The white plastic plunger inside the grease gun is then removed by pulling it out by its small chain attachment. Grease is then pumped into the gun with a large pump grease gun which holds the tube of Mobil FM221 grease. Pump grease into the chamber until it is 3/4 to 7/8 full. Replace the white plastic plunger and push it inwards to expel any air pockets. Then replace the red plastic top and the gun is once again filled with grease for normal use.

Mobil FM221 grease is a food grade grease which has excellent lubricating qualities and anti-corrosive properties. It is important to grease the right angle of the PowerFloat before putting the instrument away for the day. This is to prevent the beginning of a corrosion process from occurring during the period of time before the float is used again. Corrosion of the gears and bearings can result in premature wear of the mechanism.

Product Info

  • 6 1/2 inch (16.5 cm) long grease gun
  • taper point end to fit PowerFloat grease ports
  • spring loaded end
  • plunger grease function
  • plastic cap with chain inside housing which is situated above the grease to exert pressure on the grease column during the greasing process.
  • protective end cap


Product Warranty:

Six (6) month replacement warranty for defective products when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.