portable Head light & bulb - complete kit                                                                                     PF1205
Price: $45 USD / [$9.00 USD bulb only]
Versabrite xenon light on swivel base for hands free viewing of the mouth. Powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. Head strap with adjustable velcro.

This light source is excellent when used to examine the oral cavity of horses to determine their general dental status. This light is also very useful for external eye and ear examinations. For floating purposes it is recomended that veterinarians use the PowerLite which is a remote magnetically attached powerful light source with excellent lumination.


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Velcro strap allowing hands free vision. The xenon lamp is mounted on a swivel base and can be easily adjusted to visualize the oral cavity of the horse.

Constructed of polycarbonate resin and powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. Bright xenon lamp. Extra replacement bulb included. Adjustable head strap fits all sizes. Compact enough to place in a regular medicine kit. Light can be used for many different examination situations.

product info:

  • Xenon light source.
  • Lightweight
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • swivel head
  • polycarbonate construction
  • adjustable head band
  • spare bulb included


Product Warranty:

Six (6) month replacement warranty for defective products when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.