PowerFloat speculum (screw-type hinge system)           PF0702
Price: $890 USD

Heavy-duty speculum has two (2) threaded tightening knobs providing smooth, easy opening of the incisor bite plates. Extra wide incisor plates prevent the teeth from slipping off the bite plate.

Has a large side port for easy access to the corners of the mouth. The side arm connections to the incisor plates are machined in such a way to prevent side arm pressure on the horse’s cheek.


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product info: pF0702
  • Bi-Directional: can be positioned with the tightening knobs facing up or down.
  • Arrow indicator on the side arm pivot indicates when optimum opening width for most horses has been reached (3.5 inches, or 9 cm wide).
  • A poll strap loop is included for emergency removal of the speculum.
  • New and improved handles now with Atlas Threads makes for faster opening.