Stainless Steel McPherson (Hausmann)
Full Mouth speculum         PF0700 (Horse) PF0701 (Pony)
$425 USD (Horse) $390 USD (pony)
This stainless steel Mcpherson (Hausmann) style speculum for horses is a necessary piece of equipment for the practice of equine dentstry. This "easy to open design" speculum is suitable for a wide range of breed sizes.

Durable biothane straps are long lasting. The side arms are designed so that they do not close into the horse's cheek (spreader effect). The ratchet mechanism is designed for easier opening than all other McPherson style speculums on the market.


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product info: pF0700 (Horse) PF0701 (Pony)
  • Available in two sizes: Horse, and Pony
  • High quality polished stainless steel construction
  • Biothane halter provides easy care, extra strength and durability
  • Oversized strapping with multiple eyelets allow adjustments from small ponies to draft sized horses
  • Side ratchet arms engineered with a new easy-slide configuration
  • Six dependable ratchet notches for easier, smaller, incremental opening. The average opening range of 3 1/2 inches (8.90 cm) is set on the 5th notch. Most other McPherson style speculums open at 3 1/2 inches on the 3rd notch setting. This more graduated feature makes this speculum much easier to open than other speculums of similar design.
  • Incisor plate design fits breed ranges from small ponies to draft sized horses
  • New side arm spreader design to eliminate speculum cheek pressure. The side arms are machined so that they cannot collapse into the cheek during dental procedures which produces a virtual "spreader bar effect".
  • Incisor plates have iron content enabling a tight hold onto the magnet in the PowerLite which is designed to fit onto the underside of the upper incisor plate. The excellent light intensity provided by the PowerLIte (which is purchased separately) produces outstanding visualization of the entire mouth.
Product Warranty:

One (1) year warranty for defective products or materials when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.