diastema burrs - set of 3 (tapered, conical, & slimline) PF0511
Price: $96 USD
The Diastema Burr Set of 3 includes the Tapered, Conical, and Slimline solid carbide burrs all in a single set for one low price. Speedy cut design.

Diastema burr treatment by widening the interproximal space was developed by BA Rucker DVM of Virginia. With these PowerFloat Burr accessories, the equine veterinarian can correct many diastemata as well as periodontal problems that were previously not possible to effectively treat.


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product info: pF0571

Set of 3 Kit includes:

  • Tapered Burr - initial opening of a diastema
  • Conical Burr - secondary widening of a diastema
  • Slimline Burr - 4.54mm that may be used for final opening of diastemas.
  • Threading available in regular and long lengths
  • Material composition: Solid Carbide with cutting pattern mounted on stanless steel shank
  • Compatible with PowerFloat Attachments: Guarded Right Angle, Un-Guarded Right Angle, Short Guarded Right Angle, Short Un-Guarded Right Angle

Features: Aggressive cutting pattern on the surface of these solid carbide burrs.

Diastema widening is first begun with the small tapered burr: This burr is used to begin opening the interproximal space of a valve diastema and create a small path that the larger burrs can follow. The conical burr is used in the next step to widen the path between the interproximal spaces. In older geriatric horses the final space is burred with the larger 6.33 mm rectangular burr. This width is enough for food material to cycle in and out of the created space without undergoing putrefaction and causing damage to the peridontium.

Incisor pulp capping aid: The sterilized small tapered burr can be used to burr a small opening into the injured coronal opening of a pulp cavity. With additional preparation the sterilized, injured area can be capped.

Product Warranty:

Six (6) month replacement warranty for defective burrs when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.