grinding wheel - Diamond (medium grit)             PF0500
Price: $105 USD
The Diamond Grinding Wheel (disc) is the wheel of choice among equine veterinarians and the highest performing grinding wheel available for the PowerFloat. Cutting operation is smooth but the diamond surface is sufficiently abrasive that only one size grit is needed for all reduction needs.

It operates with less vibration than other discs, yet possesses superier cutting characteristics and reduced interface friction, allowing the wheel to slide more easily into tight spaces.


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Runs smoothly and quietly with minimal vibration.

Reduced interface friction allows the diamond wheel to slide more easily into tight spaces. Able to access the buccal side of the upper cheek teeth more easily. Able to contour the rear edge of the last upper cheek tooth equally as well as with the carbide chip wheel.

Incisor reductions are completed with the same ease as with the solid carbide wheel. Almost as fast as the solid carbide wheel for tall teeth reductions. Diamond edges are very sharp and cut more effeciently than carbide chip edges.

Most gentle and user-friendly wheel on the last hooks and ramps. Minimal soft tissue abrasion. Is the most gentle wheel for beginners.

Diamonds are adhered to the wheel platform with an electro-chemical weld.

product info: pF0500

  • Material composition: Stainless steel disc with medium grit diamonds.
  • Designed for use with the PowerFloat.
  • Rounded smooth edge to prevent soft tissue abrasion.
  • Minimal vibration designed cutting surface.
  • Compatible with PowerFloat attachments: Guarded Right Angle and Short Guarded Right Angle.
Product Warranty:

Replacement warranty for defective wheels when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.

Longevity of diamond surface varies according to the type of dental procedures. Younger aged horses have softer tooth material than older horses. Average expected longevity for diamond coating is 125 dental cases.