Short Un-Guarded Right Angle Attachment                                                                                   PF0407
Price: $1,250 USD

This version of the shortened right-angle floating attachment comes un-guarded to allow the use of the large or small apple core burrs for contouring front teeth (bit seat).

Compatible with the following burrs:

  • Large Apple Core burr
  • Small Apple Core burr (included)
When working with minis/donkeys use small apple core (included)


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PowerFloat Quick Connect Attachment. This Quick Connect accessory shaft is designed to operate exclusively with the PowerFloat Quick Connect system.

Short Un-Guarded Rotary Shaft. This attachment can be purchased separately. The apple core burrs are introduced into the mouth end on, while the free hand abducts the corner of the mouth to tighten the mandibular frenulum, allowing gentle contouring and smoothing of the sharp edges of the lower front cheek teeth. The upper front cheek teeth are contoured in a similar manner.

product info: pF0407