Guarded Right-Angle Attachment               PF0403
Price: $1,575 USD
This Quick Connect attachment is equipped with a long shaft and a 90° bend at the end that houses the grinding disc in a metal guard. This attachment can be operated on PowerFloat Quick Connect models in the "up" or "down" position for floating of the upper or lower dental arcades.

The slim design of the right-angle housing allows access to all areas of the dental arcades in horses and some miniatures.

Diamond (grinding wheel included


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PowerFloat Quick Connect Attachment. This Quick Connect accessory shaft is designed to operate exclusively with all PowerFloat Quick Connect systems.

Guarded Right-Angle Shaft. This attachment is included with all PowerFloat Quick Connect kits, and may also be purchased separately. The Guarded Right Angle shaft is the Quick Connect version of the traditional PowerFloat shaft, and contains the same low-profile right-angle grinding head as on other models. This shaft is designed to accomodate all available PowerFloat grinding wheels, and diastema burrs.

product info: PF0403