Un-Guarded Right-Angle Attachment         PF0402
Price: $1,575 USD

The Unguarded Right-Angle is equipped with a long shaft that ends in a slim un-guarded right angle. This attachment connects to the Quick Connect in the left or right horizontal position.

This attachment accepts the guarded chamfer burr which is used to float sharp enamel points off the upper and lower arcades.

(Chamfer Burr Included)


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PowerFloat Quick Connect Attachment. This Quick Connect accessory shaft is designed to operate exclusively with the PowerFloat Quick Connect system.

Un-Guarded Right Angle Shaft. This attachment is included with PowerFloat Quick Connect kit #2: + Chamfer, and Quick Connect #4: Complete, and may also be purchases separately. The Un-Guarded Right Angle shaft holds the revolutionary chamfer grinding burr that allows precision floating and shaping of the molar arcades. This shaft is designed to accomodate the Quick Connect Guarded Chamfer burr.

product info: PF0402